The BMW M3 Pickup – Lots of space in a fast car body

BMW recently unveiled its latest BMW M3 Pickup which followed the BMW M3 Coupé, BMW M3 Convertible and BMW M3 Sedan. This makes the fourth variant and coming with an ‘M’ emblem means that it is going to be fast and surely very impressive performance-wise. It was created, designed and developed from the BMW M GmbH development centre under top secrecy and this would be the sportiest model in this category.

No one really knows how they are intending to position this but with an M3 in pickup truck form meant that it has all that makes if fast with cargo carrying capabilities. It comes with a 450kg rear-axel load capacity and a 420 horsepower, V8 engine. Apart from that, it also comes with a removable Targa roof which means you very much get a pickup convertible with this one.

What makes this M3 unique is the fact that it comes with cargo carrying abilities. In fact, it is 50 kg lighter than the standard M3 Convertible and if you take off the Targa roof, you get another 20kg removed. It is fitted with high-grade structured aluminum sheeting and is able to carry around up to 20 46-inch golf bags. Now that is a lot of space to start with and coming with a trailer tow hitch, it is also the first M3 to ever come with that.

BMW M GmbH is using this model to showcase their ability to develop high-grade, individual dream cars as they have no plans whatsoever at the moment to send it into production yet. This is as good as it gets where you get a light weight M3 with lots of space and a removable top. Although it looks very much like any other pickup truck, it is anything but. It should have no problems hitting 300km/h top speed and the Cd is shown to be competitive with that of the BMW M3 coupe, which means that its aerodynamics are very much top notch. So there you have it, a very cool concept and pretty much one which many would desire in today’s driving as who would not like a cargo-full car. More so if it is an M3.