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Auto malaysia Portal is a Malaysian portal pertaining to the automobile industry of the country. Auto.com.my seeks to provide the most relevant and up to date information of the happenings and news in the dynamic industry of Malaysia. Auto.com.my is typically the one-stop portal for anyone looking for information about the many turns and facets ranging from car reviews, automotive regulations and many others. You can find up to date local and international automobile news. This ranges from new car model launches, government regulations, issues and related matters pertaining to the automotive areas in Malaysia.

The car photo gallery is also available for those who would like to view new vehicles as well as provide their own. There is also an auto workshop directory where one can search among the thousands of workshops who specialize in all areas of vehicle maintenance operations. For those who would like to discuss on issues related to their vehicles as well as obtaining any advise, our automotive chatrooms are vibrant and dynamic venues to do so. Here is where enthusiasts can provide their automobile expert opinions as well as discuss on threads like car service, mechanic workshops and such.