VW beats Toyota as the World’s Largest Automaker


It seems that German car giant Volkswagen is adamant and totally persistent in going for the top spot in the global automaker as it was reported that they are now the World’s Largest Automaker, surpassing that of Toyota who has been the title-holder for many years now.

When VW bought Porsche, it was seen as a state of intention to try to knock Toyota off their perch and they did so in spectacular fashion through some state-back stimulus packages around the world. This was done after the failed takeover of Porsche over VW and since then, there was no looking back.

This year saw VW rolling out 4.4 million vehicles to date, 400,000 more than Toyota, which has been downsizing and closing down some of its plants globally. This means that VW is now top of the pinnacle which means GM is now third. GM if you haven’t already know was the title holder just 3 years back and since cutting its losses (and some brands) have succumbed the title to Toyota. Although Toyota is expected to mount a counter-challenge in the near future, VW’s move into the Asian markets where they are holding strong market shares in the likes of China will not be easy to beat. Furthermore, the drop in sales by Toyota was seen as due to the March earthquake and Tsunami tragedy. The market is going to be very exciting in the near future as reaching the top is one thing, staying there is a totally different ball game.